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Education Tours

Visit to a Historic place Lakha Mandal
Lakha Mandal in the home of Pandava and kaurvas. At this Place Pandavas & Kaurvas had spent some years of their life. It was a matter of great privilege to take our B.ED student at that place and to let them observe the tradition and custom of Pandavas and Kaurvas themselves.

Visit to Rishikesh

Rishikesh in the land of great religious and historic significance, the land of Rama & Lakshman.
Through Ramayana, we come to know that Lakshman had created 'Lakshman Jhula' and Ram had created 'Ramsetu' but to see this place through our own eyes is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
We therefore chosen Risikesh as a place for our educational tour.

Visit to Dak Pathar
We have learnt from books that Dak Pathar was at some time the home of terrific Dacoits. Now, they are not there but now a days it is the place of great tourist significance.
Also, there is one more place which can be seen here is 'Bairaj Dam', Students might have read about the Dam's their structure. Significance etc. but through our B.ED programme we tried our level best to make learning more practie here they leave see Bairaj Dam through their own eyes and was capable of learning more architecture aspects of the building.

Visit to Kata Pathar

This place is nearly 1k.m from Kalsi, Uttarakhand. At this place there are numerous rock cut carvings at which teachings of Bandha religious is written in Symbolic Language.
At this place, we got an opportunity to explore the Baudha Dharma.