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DGC is situated in Doiwala, a small and beautiful town, it is about 20 km. away from  the city on the National Highway No. 72. It is located within the easy reach of the city and is well serviced by the public transport system.
DG College of Education imparts professional education in the field of Management, Information Technology and Home Science.
The college is affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal) and is approved by the State Government, Uttaranchal.

The University
The H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar, is one of the most renowned University of India. It keeps an important place in the new state of Uttaranchal. The University is recognised by U.G.C. (University Grants Commission). It is coming up as a pioneer centre of education in the field of Information Technology, Management and Enviornment & Forestry etc.

Achievements of University:

1. Transperency in the working pattern of University

2. Quality reforms in education and reasearch

3. Awarded The International NLM UNESCO adult literacy award 2003.

4. Introduction of new fields of study such as B.Sc. (forestry) MBA (tourism) etc.

5. Establishment of V-SAT in the central library of University under the information and library network project by U.G.C.

6. Beginning of campus network facility project with the help of grant in aid by Uttaranchal Govt., under the 10th five year plan

7. Establishment of CISCO networking project by the Uttaranchal Govt in the University campus.

8. Construction of new Computer Lab, facility of internet by means of V-SAT.