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Q1.  What is the full form of B.Ed.?
Ans. Bachelor of Education .

Q2.  What is the duration of this course?
Ans. One Year.

Q3.  How many paper's are in this course?
Ans.There are four compulsory, two (school/subject) methods and one optional paper.

Q4.  what are the four compulsory papers?
Ans. 1. Teacher in Emerging Indian society.
       2.  Development of learner and Teaching learning process.
       3.  Development of Education system in India.
       4.  Essentials of Educational Technology and Management.

Q5.  What are the two methods?
Ans. There is choice to take two methods  papers (school subject) according to the graduation subjects.
    * Teaching of English / Hindi / Sanskrit / social study / Economics / commerce / Mathematics / Science / Home Science / Computer / History / 
       Geography / Political Science / Ciivics.

Q6. What is the optional paper ?
Ans. One elective subject to be chosen from the following.
       1. Elementary Education
       2. Population Education
       3. Environment Education
       4. Alternative Education
       5. Educational Administration & Management
       6. Educational and mental measurement
       7. Physical Education
       8. Career Information in career guidance
       9. Teaching  of values.

Q7. What is the scope of B.Ed.?
Ans. It is eligibility for teaching at the middle level. B.Ed. is also essential for M.Ed.

Q8.  Is it helpfull for higher Education ?
Ans. Yes, It is helpfull for higher education. If you want to do M.Ed. this course (B.Ed.) is compulsory.

Q9.  Eligibility for B.Ed.?
Ans. It is must that candidate should be a graduate in any stream with at least 50% marks.