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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Duration : One year, full time program.
Eligibility : Graduation in any stream with 50% marks
Seats : 100 (50 seats under Management Quota and 50 seats under the University Entrance Examination)
Free Structure : As decided by the fee Fixation Committee of Uttarakhand State.

This course is designed to prepare students for the noble Profession of teaching. The aim of the program is to provide teachers to the society with the philosophical depth and vision of life, a concern for community and social progress, psychological understanding of the pupils, technical proficiency to make sure that the students learn effective, managerial skills to form a conducive and efficient educational environment. In sum, we nurture students to make them skillful, efficient and effective teachers as well as ideal educators.

Students are equipped with such intellectual abilities, attitude and skill that they can cope with the fast changing world of knowledge and technology ; and take care of coming generation's developmental needs and societal aspirations. They are empowered to triumph in the competitive job market and succeed in the profession. For this, we provide students with a multi-faceted opportunity to learn from educators, guest professors through, discussions, debates, seminars, projects, tours, internships etc.

About the Programme:

The Bachelor of Education Programme prepares teachers in our country. There are opportunities to gain expertise in learning areas such as The Arts, the Middle Years, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and Physical Education. There is
also an opportunity to gain expertise in early childhood education leading to aprimary–early childhood qualification.Teaching is a unique and rewarding profession. The Bachelor of Education program equips students with the knowledge, skills,attitudes and values for a career in a range of educational settings and contexts. The program recognizes that graduates are likely to undertake a variety of careers throughout their working lives and multi skill students accordingly.

Programme Focus:

The Bachelor of Education award is offered in two forms, an undesignated Bachelor of Education and a variety of designated specializations. It is intended for both infants/primary and secondary teachers who wish to upgrade their qualifications to four year degree status, and for other educators, educational administrators, or those with an interest in education who wishes to obtain an educational qualification with the possibility of specializing in one of several designated areas ofexpertise. This flexible Programme aims to meet the needs of practicing teachers in early childhood settings, primary and secondary schools, in polytechnics and those with other special interests in education as a discipline. It is especially relevant to practicing teachers seeking pathways to complete a degree. Teachers who complete this degree may move on to wide range of postgraduate opportunities in Education.

Career Opportunities:

In recent years, the opportunity to acquire full-time work in the teaching profession has increased dramatically. With many teachers approaching retirement age in the next few years, career prospects are very good for new teachers.Students who believe they have the qualities and desire to work in educational settings, and are prepared to accept the responsibilities and challenges of a teacher should consider this program.

Teachers are involved in analyzing learners’ needs, designing, implementing and evaluating specific programs, and liaising with parents, employers, professional colleagues and others interested in theeducation sector.A key role is to foster the development of positive attitude towards learning and an ongoing desire to continue with lifelong learning. The program prepares graduates to confidently approach the challenges of an increasingly diverse profession.

Faculty’s Views:

“Teaching is a calling. It is a profession that is demanding, challenging, and sometimes frustrating. For those who are true educators, however, the drawbacks are easily outweighed by the satisfaction they feel from passing on knowledge to future generations. Teachers have a knack for making people understand things and explaining difficult concepts in a way that everyone can understand them. Teaching isn’t for everyone, but if you’re passionate about children and preparing themfor future success, the concurrent Bachelor of Education degree may be for you!”

It needs no description that the teacher is pivot of any educational system for the younger pupils. On him rests the failure and success of the educational system. If the teachers are well educated and trained and if they are intellectually alive and take less interest in their job, then only the success is ensured, but if on the other hand, they lack training in education and if they can’t give their heart to their job, the system is sure to fail. The teacher is the dynamic force of the educational system. Education without a teacher is just like a body without soul, skeleton without flesh and blood, a shadow without substance. There is no greater need for the cause of education today than theneed for strong manly men and womanly women as the teachers for the young. A social engineers, the teachers can socializeand humanize the young by their manlike qualities. The teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation. The worth and potentialities of a country get evaluated. The people of a country are theenlarged replica of their teachers in and through the work of the teacher. They are the real nation builder. Since teaching is an art , a trained teacher can also play a vital role as student’s confident, a democrat who promotes democratic values, a detective who detects students, offences, to guide them, an ego- supporter who develops students self concept, an equalizer of educational opportunities, a guide, friend, philosopher, an inspirer, nationalist, facilitator of learning, moral educator, a parent-surrogate , a referee, a reformer sewlarist, socialist and above all an upholder of
human values.